The One and a Half Method

Portaging can be difficult and to some it’s nothing but a pain to avoid. However you feel about the subject, you have to agree that portages are at least a necessary evil to get you to the best back country areas. There are several ways to lessen their burden. One way is called the “One And A Half Method”. Read more

Portaging With A Tump Strap

It’s time again for my “weekly” column dedicated to sharing what I found out there on the interwebs. I decided this time to share with you currently¬†the top site for how to portage a canoe. While will have plenty on the subject, there isn’t really much else out there, on how best to portage. Search Google for “How to Portage A Canoe” and the first site will likely be this one. What’s best about this site is that not only are there very useful bits of information, it introduces and advocates the “Tump” concept. This is where instead of using a yoke to rest the canoe on your shoulders, you install a strap to the center thwart that is worn on your forehead and supports the canoe to lie its weight on the top of your back. He obviously knows what he’s talking about, check out his experience page (or “Cred”). ¬†He’s even included detailed instructions on how to mod your canoe for the tump.

I have a tump strap on my backpack, and I find it very helpful, but when it comes to carrying the canoe, I prefer the shoulder yoke. That’s just my preference.