2010 Portageur Best Motel Award

Portageur AwardsIn today’s installment of the 2010 Portageur Awards, I’d like to recognize some of the great “civilized”¬†accommodations¬†that helped me out in my travels in the past year. More often than not, I stay in campgrounds when not in the woods, but every now and then I fancy it up a bit. Sometimes, after spending some time in the bush, it can be refreshing to stay somewhere with a roof, a soft bed and of course a nice warm shower. It can make a long ride back home much more comfortable. But when I do choose a motel, it should fit a few criteria: First and foremost, it has to be pet-friendly for Nancy. After that is should be conveniently located on my way home, a local small business that lets me take in some local culture, and above all else, cheap (that’s Motel). Read more