Here at, we use a lot of gear. When you portage a lot, you do that. One thing I do love is looking around to find new stuff to make things easier, more comfortable or more fun on the portage. Who doesn’t love finding new gear? You also start to see the wold a little differently. Everything you come across you start to assess it’s value based on how well it would do on a portage. What can it hold? Is it waterproof? How durable is it? Ultimately, what you’re deciding – especially considering you have to carry it on your back – is it worth it’s weight?

Most of the gear you’ll find here  is designed specifically for camping or portaging, but every now and then you’ll find something a little different or unexpected. We’re hoping to review everything we’ve ever used on a portage, letting you know how well it worked for us. A few notes about reviews on

  • We’re not going to review anything until we’ve taken it out on a trip. We might test it out and demonstrate it in the backyard, but until it gets used under real conditions, we’re not going to write about it.
  • We’re notoriously tough on our gear. We cram in, slam down, drop, dirty and generally abuse our gear. In other words, we’re regular people. If we recommend it, it means something.
  • We’re honest, but fair, and avoid the unnecessarily negative. No matter how we acquired an item (discounted or gift), we’re going to tell it like it is, using it as expected on a portage. We’re not going to go easy on items, but at the same time, we’re not going to bring out gear that we know won’t work on or last on a trip.
BioLite Campstove
GSI Outdoors Java PressI like my coffee, and I like it good. Having good coffee at the campfire is no exception. In fact, one of my favourite parts of portaging is sitting back, reflecting on the day with a nice warm coffee.
JavaGrind by GSI OutdoorsJavaGrind gives you a relatively light weight way to have freshly ground coffee around the campfire.